{Super Hero} Pokemon Go Accessorizing Your Halloween Costume


The accessories you choose to use with your Halloween costume can make or break your look. Most of the time, accessories such as makeup, shoes, and props are not included with the purchase of your Halloween costume. Occasionally your costume will come with some of these items, but unless you are looking at a very high end, high quality costume, you will be left to complete the outfit on your own.

Shoes are perhaps the hardest part of the costume to complete. Some costumes will come with shoe covers to give you a certain look, but most often you are left with what you have in your closet to work with. It can be hard to justify buying a brand new pair of thigh high stiletto boots for your Halloween costume when you know there will never be another time that you will need to wear them. If you are keeping the same costume for several years, it is a little easier to justify, but even then the cost will be high.

You may have to compromise some on the exact look of your Halloween costume in this regard. While the thigh high stilettos would be perfect, a pair of black knee high boots you already own may do just fine. Be creative with what you already own and purchase those things that you feel are most important to make your look complete. Makeup will go a long way toward that end and is not prohibitively expensive.

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