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happy republic day sms
happy republic day sms

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Republic Day which is called as Gantantra Divas in Hindi. The day is very special because 69 years ago on the same day constitutions for India was adopted which also marked the civilization in country India. Since the day people celebrate this day as Republic day.

The day is very important for every Indians from all points of view. On the day it must be our duty to remember and talk about peace, sovereignty and better constitutions. However some corrupted political leaders are playing with our constitutions and its rules.

Cultural programs at schools, colleges, offices are conducted to awake the people for their duty in favor for their country India. Indians share nation messages through different programs and poems. For the day we are providing best Hindi poem for 26th Jan Republic day. Share it with your friends so that they can also use it in their cultural republic day programs.

Happy Republic Day 2018 Poem in Hindi

26 january image wallpaper
26 january image wallpaper

“Sundar hai jag me sabse, naam bhi nayara hai

Woh desh hamara hai, woh desh hamara hai

Jaha jati-bhasha se badh kar Desh-Prem ki dhara hai

Woh desh hamara hai, woh desh hamara hai


Jita tha prem se sabko, hai “Baapu” us ka naam

Desh ke khatir jisne kiya apna jeewan balidaan

Jaha pe vir Bhagat, Azad aur “Bose” ka naara hai

Woh desh hamara hai, woh desh hamara hai

Jaha pe “Suraj” puja aur nadiyon me mata Ganga

Chandrama pe lahraya jisne apna dhwaj “Tiranga”,

Vishv ko jisne Zero dekar kiya navyug ka ujiyara hai,

Woh desh hamara hai, woh desh hamara hai

Jo sadiyon se aaj bhi har rishte se pyara hai

Sincha jisko khun se humne aur mamta se sawara hai

Jaha Ajuba hai vishv ka, kehlata “TAJ” humara hai

Woh desh hamara hai, woh desh hamara hai

Jis desh ko “Mata” keh ke hum sab ne diya samman

Wo hai Bharat desh mahan, wo hai Bharat desh mahan

 ****Happy 69th Republic Day****

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