The must watch Halloween Movies around Halloween 2017


All of the ghostly and ‘witchy’ stuff associated with Halloween is also the favorite subject of one other thing- Hollywood and movies. Halloween centered movies have for long been quite the favorites, and watching some scary stuff around Halloween also makes up for one of the best ways for celebrating it, keeping in mind the whole spirit of 31st October. So are you also planning to watch some movies during Halloween 2017? Read on to know which are some of the best Halloween movies of all time:

  •           Halloween: This movie from 1978 perfectly keeps up with the theme and tradition of Halloween. Directed by John Carpenter, this is about a psychotic murderer who escapes from the place where he was instutionalized since childhood. What follows this is his stalking of an adolescent girl and her friends along with the doctor chasing him in the streets.
  •           Trick ‘r Treat: This flick comes with four different stories centered around Halloween- a high school principal who is actually a serial killer in his ‘secret life’, a college virgin who meets a guy who might just be the right one, typical teenagers pulling off some mean prank and a woman who hates the night apart from being content with her husband who is obsessed with holiday. 82 minutes, 4 stories and a perfect capture of the Halloween atmosphere.
  •       The Crow: Eric- Scissorhands described it as ‘Devils Night’, and he was quite right. A brutally murdered man coming back as the ‘undead avenger’ of his and his wife’s murderer- pricelessly wicked!

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  •           The Monster Squad: Just the name of this movie is pure awesomeness, isn’t it? Monster Squad brings back your (hopefully) Dracula, who is not only alive, but is also on the path to rule the world, along with other legendary monsters. This 80s classic brings up some of the most popular monsters from Universal.
  •            Casper: Casper was quite the legendary movie, and remains so even today. Casper is the one friendly ghost along with 3 mischievous ones occupying a house. Things start to change when a paranormal expert and her daughter come to live there.
  •         The Exorcist: Pure horror classic from 1973, the Exorcist is about two priests who come to help a teenager possessed by some mysterious entity.
  •       The Night of the Living Dead: 96 minutes of zombies, a farmhouse and people hiding from zombies in the farmhouse.
  •            The Addams Family: Based on the cartoon and TV show, this Addams Family movie is about a con artist who plans to fleece the family by sending in an accomplice who claims that he is their long lost Uncle Fester.
  •           Thriller: 13 minutes was all it took for Michael Jackson to create a classic movie. This short film features Michael and how a night at the movies turns into a nightmare when attacked by blood-thirsty zombies- with only thriller to save him and his date.
  •           Ghostbusters: The first movie to feature a unique ‘ghost removal service’ set up by a bunch of out-of-job parapsychology professors.


These are just a few of the Halloween classics out there, but should be enough to get you started. Watch this space for more Halloween movies and TV show recommendations, apart from other cool stuff to do during Halloween 2017!

If you have any other good movie to watch during Halloween 2017 please comment below and we will update the list.


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