Which Halloween stores can get you the best of costumes for Halloween 2017 costumes?


With Halloween 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to go for some Halloween shopping and get costumes, merchandise and every other stuff that you can think of to “hallowinise” it all up. However, with so many Halloween stores around, it often gets hard to decide which the best one to get it all is. If that’s what your confusion is, then read on here about some of the best Halloween store in NYC and what each of them can get you.

Abracadabra Superstore

This is one of the best places to go to, especially if Halloween costumes are what you are looking for. Not designed for the squeamish types, this cavernous store gives you the Halloween feel right from the moment enter. The rentals for costumes start from as low as $35 for three days. However, the real gems of all of these costumes can be found in the downstairs departments, which, obviously, would cost you a little more. Kick Ass would be around $85 plus a $150 security deposit, which can be picked up now and given back anytime by 10th November for no extra charge. They have over 10,000 different costumes in stock, and that too from their in-house designer.

Some of the most famous ones at Abracadabra include the Original Wonderwoman, along with her golden cape ($250 along with $600 of security deposit), The Avatar makeover and so on. Their collection of props is also impressive (and charged extra), such as a portable intravenous drip, a faux bomb in the briefcase and there are also a number of makeup artists to give you the makeover you want.

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Party City

Party city is among the online Halloween stores, supplying costumes and other such material for all occasions. However, their range, especially when it comes to Halloween, is pretty impressive to look at. At partycity.com, you’ll find costumes for toddlers as well as teens and adults too. They also have special costumes for couples, along with decoration supplies and a wide range of accessories.

Party City ships to the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and even France, which makes them one of the largest online stores catering to the Halloween lists of the people. They’ve got a pretty good customer service, and a wide range of costumes and quite the discounts make them an ideal choice to shop at this Halloween!

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Halloween City

Halloween city is one the largest chain of Halloween stores, with over 100 stores in the United States, They also sell their merchandise online through partycity.com, which we just mentioned. With over a 100 stores, they claim to have over a million different costumes for you out there.

Spoilt for choice as to which store to go to? There are a few more in the 2nd part of this article!


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