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The creativity of graphic designers has blossomed, producing an endless array of pumpkin carving stencils for Halloween. Stencils actually combine two great values in one. They’re an ultra-easy way to scratch an outline on the pumpkin face with an icepick, which can be carved with ease later. Or, you can use a black marker and just limit yourself to the drawing if you’re in a hurry.

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The design options available are unlimited.

Long gone is the simple Jack o’Lantern that used to be the sole pumpkin carving style. Or, more accurately, it isn’t gone but has been joined by a thousand new ones to make the holiday even more fun.

Cats are a big percentage of the total. That’s not surprising since black cats play such a prominent role in Halloween mythology. You can find everything from the friendly, smiling kitty to the evil, grinning demon-in-animal-form among the choices. Go beyond the cat-face, though and carve a complete animal so you can include the tail. That long slit in the pumpkin makes for a great lighting effect.

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Pirates are another popular design. Why pirates should be associated with Halloween isn’t clear. Maybe that’s because it’s such a common costume, or people just think they look evil. But whatever the reason, they offer an outstanding series of shapes that are easy to make. When you add a pipe to the final face design, it adds an interesting asymmetry that makes your pumpkin a little different.

Batman designs are popular this year, thanks to the hit movie. But bats have long been associated with Halloween, so the theme fits right in. Rather than just do one, go wild and carve a dozen little ones all around the surface. When you light the interior, it splashes yellow-orange light in every direction. Very cool.

You can include lots of non-traditional elements to make your Halloween pumpkin carving design unique.

Old Mummy movies (and the latest one, too) make ancient Egypt a part of Halloween myth. They always include ghouls, zombies, tombs, black cats and the like so the mixture works well. Take advantage of that and carve a Pharaoh’s head on your pumpkin. The headdress provides a geometric pattern that makes the lantern cast shadows that add to your home decorations.

You can create some truly gross designs like having a smaller pumpkin in the mouth of a larger one, getting eaten. Big fun. Go one step further and carve your pumpkin to look like a Great White shark’s mouth and have it swallowing three people. If only the legs show out of the pumpkin mouth, you’ve got a hit. See how weird you can be on Halloween and get away with it?


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