Halloween drinks | Halloween 2017 non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks


No day or celebration is complete without drinks- is it? And the same can be said about Halloween. So if you’re looking to have a Halloween 2017 with the best of Halloween drinks, then here are a few of them to get that Halloween-mocktail feel in you for a wicked 31st of October!

1.      Black Halloween Punch

Any drink with ‘punch’ in its name is sure to pack the same in it, and this is exactly what this drink has. To make this, all you need is .13 ounce of unsweetened grape soft drinks mix, same quantity of orange soft drink mix, 2 cups of white sugar and 3 quarts of cold water along with a liter of ginger ale. Oh, and did we mention- it’ll also have a frozen hand floating in it?

To prepare the frozen hand, simply was and fill a disposable glove with water, seal it with a rubber band and freeze it. Then, stir together the two soft drink mixes, combine them with ginger ale before serving. Dip the previously prepared frozen hand in water to remove and peel off the glove, and then put it in the punch bowl for the ‘ghostly effect’.

2.   The Ghoul’s Green Drink

An easy to drink and yet one of the tastiest Halloween drinks. For this, you need 2 cups of ice, 1/4th cup of lime juice, a 2 liter bottle of caffeinated flavored soda (read something like Mountain Dew ®) and a cup of lime sherbet to taste.

Yes, the ingredients are all that there is to this drink- place the ice in a large bowl, put in the soda and lime juice, and stir in the lime sherbet. 10 minutes of this easy preparation are all it requires.

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3.   Pomegranate Bellini

Heat the pomegranate juice till it’s hot but not boiling. Add in a half cup of blueberry juice till its combined and smooth, and then strain the liquid through a pitcher. Put this mix in a refrigerator till you’re ready to serve.  Garnish it with a few blueberries, add a few teaspoons of champagne flutes, serve and enjoy!

4.   The Monster-mash Smoothie

Take fresh strawberries, a splash of orange juice and combine it all in a blender. Then separately blend some blueberries and blackberries to get a puree- like consistency. Then pour in one layer of each of these mixtures, top it with juice and vanilla yogurt mix, serve with a spoon, and refresh and cool yourself with a thick creamy drink.

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5.   Zombie ‘eye-punch’

Pull the stem out of 10 cups of cherries, and then put in a chocolate stem inside each to make the zombie eye. Add them to the bottom of one punch bowl. Combine 3 cups of ginger ale, 10 of cherry cola along with a concentrate of 5 cups of red fruit juice and 3 of pineapple juice. Chill it nicely, and then serve.

6.   The Vampire Bite

Take a large pitcher, and in it combine with 2 cups of cranberry juice, half cup of apple juice along with a quarter of grenadine. Add to it two cups of seltzer water. Squeeze out a tube of red candy gen on a plate. Then rim out the edges of low ball glasses, pouring the drink evenly into 4 glasses. Garnishing is to be done with gummy vampire teeth, and serve immediately.

So that’s all if you have any Halloween drink that you know of or invented yourself, Please contact us or comment below with the recipe and we will add yours to this list.


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