{Night Party} Where to go to get your spook this Halloween 2017


With just a little while left for Halloween 2017, your party plans must all be in place, ready to party as the ghost and ghoul of the year. However, if you’ve still not decided what to do, or are unaware of some of the best Halloween parties around the USA, then you’re in luck- for that’s what we’re going to tell you about today. Here is a list of some of the most devilish and scary parties out there and what makes them so!

Ludlow, VT

The first one on this list deserves to be an actual ghostly space- and that is what Ludlow VT reportedlyisIn 1788, what was once a stagecoach stop, was converted into an inn called as the Golden Stage Inn. Once that happened, the owners spotted a ghost in its attic- one that did not want to leave. The current owners have reportedly seen lights, stove burners and televisions going on and off by themselves, and the house-keepers say that they hear ‘ghostly’ footsteps. In spirit of the ‘season’, the innkeepers have decorated this B&B as a haunted house. If you’re seeing in the Okemo Mountain then this place can be the perfect base. A ghost or two at Halloween 2014, anyone?

Lake Placid, NY

The name- brings back the memories of the movie Lake Placid in mind, doesn’t it? However, this time, Lake Placid is a town, giving you a party that does deserve to be on the top of this Halloween parties list. This 19th century town each year transforms in order to make way for what is called as the ‘5K Zombie Run’. The main street is closed for all traffic to help the kids trick-or-treat, while the adults are on the Trek-n-Treat pub, crawling through three bars each of which gives costume prizes. You can also see ghosts while on tour of the Fort Ticonderoga, as well as performances of the Rocky Horror Show along with prop bags for the audience to play along.

Park City, UT

This town is actually famous for its ‘Bark’, the city’s Howl-o-Ween street party, where you get to see squirrels, sheep, bees and Bo Peep- who in fact are all elaborately costumed dogs along with their equally decked up owners. It’s all a part of this bewitching charm that this silver mining town situated east of Salt Lake gives. They have special Ghost Tours to take visitors on a hunt for spirits, while sharing their spooky tales of lives and deaths.

Snowmass Village, CO


If skeletons and bones are your thing, then this Rocky Mountain town is the place to go to. With 150,000 year old teeth, bones and other stuff dug out and on display at the Ice Age Discovery Centre, it always has a little ‘halloweeney’ feel to it. On this Halloween 2014, scroll down the Divide Road listening to the howls of wolves, or that of over 250 mixed-breed huskies as well as malamutes, all employed by Krabloonik, a restaurant offering dogsled rides (Wicked!). The Snowmass Village has also been voted as the best town or family location, and has some of the friendliest as well as attractive locals. Have a drink at Zane’s Tavern over here this Halloween.

Princeton, NJ

If you’re looking to go in for a ghostly tour at your Halloween USA celebration, then Princeton is the place to go to. An ivy-draped uni-campus, a cemetery or a battlefield- wherever you want to see a ghost at, the Princeton Tour Company will help you do so. This company supplies tools to skeptics as well as believers on the various ghost hunts that it organizes- tools ranging from dowsing rods to electromagnetic- field sensors and also teaching them how to use camera phones to ‘take orb shots’. If you want a more kid-friendly trip, however, then you can also stop by Princeton’s Terhune Orchard for a pick your own pumpkin session as well as the Barn of Legends and Lore.

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Bar Harbor, ME

What’s better than a town with a ghost themed celebration during Halloween? It is a town that has even more ghost stories surrounding it than any other. It is said that the white shapes of eight missionaries who were killed here in 1613 still haunt Jesuit Springs; an orb of white materializes near the town’s funeral home and so on. These are just a few of the ghost stories that surround this town, and make it one of the spookiest places to visit on Halloween 2014.

Stowe, VT

The classic New England church steeples over here make it the perfect setting for the spook Hollywood style. Legend has it that Boots Berry, born here in 1840, died falling from the top of the Green Mountain Inn, who now tap dances on its roof. The readers of T+L magazine had voted Stowe as number 5 in the category of historic inns, while quite graciously appreciating the sense of adventure that it presents to them.

Delray Beach, FL

This place is a special Halloween-haven for children who wish to show off their costumes to a max. The Halloween Parade and the Trick-or-Treat along the avenue are some of its best features. Families throng to be at the Kidsfest for special foods, entertainments and a lot more. If your kid has been demanding something different on Halloween 2014¸ then this is the place to go to.

These are just a few of the best Halloween USA party destinations. If something spookier and more fun than the usual is what you want- then these are surely among the most popular destinations that you’ll get.


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