Latest 2017 Best Funny Scary Horror Halloween Costumes


Nowhere is it written that Halloween costumes have to be all gore and terror. There are many costumes out there that play to the lighter side of life. Whether you want to be funny, silly, or ironically comical, there is a fun Halloween costume out there with your name on it, just waiting for you to claim it.

If you know you want to do something fun, but don’t know where to begin, here are a few ideas to get you started. First decide if you want to do something that is outrageously hilarious or so incredibly cheesy that it’s brilliant. One of the most classic funny Halloween costumes is hospital patient with the open backed gown displaying a full moon. A cow with its udders in full display is also great for a laugh.

Fun Halloween Costumes

Couples can go as a nun and priest, with the man being the nun and the woman being the priest of course. Another great getup for couples or buddies is Cheech and Chong. A sumo wrestler will get some laughs, or dig in to your inner 80s child with some spandex and leg warmers.

Of course there are the funny, yet explicit costumes as well. It should go without saying that you should probably only consider these if you are certain there will be no children around. Without getting too graphic, most of these will consist of different anatomical components of the human body or adult toys. Just keep your funny Halloween costume appropriate to your company and you’ll have a blast!

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