DIY Glowing Ghosts Costumes & Makeup – Happy Halloween


DIY Glowing Ghosts :- Here comes once of the Best Important Halloween Decoration Ideas which is called as DIY Glowing Ghosts

DIY Glowing Ghosts

Here’s what you need to get started:

1 Package of large latex balloons

1 Package of 6-inch glow sticks (white, green, or blue work best – available in bulk here)

1 Roll of black electrical tape of black duct tape (a black permanent marker works too if you’re on a budget)

Several packages of cheesecloth (2 square yards packages for under $5 available here)

Some clear fishing line (minimum 5 pound test) to hang them from tree branches of around entry ways.


How to make DIY Glowing Ghosts

Step 1: Start by activating the glowsticks, shake well for long-lasting results (1 6-inch glow stick per ghost).

Step 2: Inset the glowsticks in the balloons, inflate each one, and tie securely.

Step 3: Use the black electrical tape to create eyes and faces if desired.

Step 4: Tie the fishing line to the ends of the balloons.

Step 5: Cover your ghost decorations with cheesecloth and hang from trees, archways, or around doorways.


For smaller ghosts, you can use large, clear plastic Christmas ornaments instead of balloons. If you want extra creepy, use a hollowed out doll head with the eyes missing so the glow stick shines only through the eyes.

Want to make a mummy instead? Substitute bandages for cheesecloth for spooky mummy heads you can arrange to peak out from partially open doors or windows.

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