{Dark Head Chocolate} Creepy Horror Halloween Spider Cupcakes


Are you ready to give your guests something new and creative this Halloween? This simple recipe for Spider cupcakes is super easy to make and delivers a fun treat for the whole family. You can Also Try Other Halloween Recipe Halloween Candy Corn Punch, Ultra Creepy Halloween Meat Head


Here’s how to make them:

All you need are some cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla frosting (you can use premade cupcakes from the store to save time), pretzel sticks, M&Ms, and some round chocolates or truffles.

Step 1: Place a chocolate truffle in the center of each cupcake (tip: the ones decorated with chocolate swirls create the most realistic look)

Step 2: Grab 8 pretzel sticks and break them in half

Step 3: Dip the ends of each pretzel stick in melted chocolate (thicker chocolate works best)

Step 4: Add 4 pretzel sticks at a 90 degree angle on each side of the truffle for legs

Step 5: Re-connect the broken pieces using the melted chocolate to hold them together.

Step 6: Apply a small amount of melted chocolate to the back of 2 colored M&Ms and stick them to the truffle for eyes.

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That’s it, your spooky spider cupcakes are ready to serve! Keep them in a cool place until you are ready to put them out to keep the icing soft, pretzels fresh, and chocolate legs together. Total prep time required is under 10 minutes! If you enjoy our ideas, please take a moment to share us on Facebook or Pinterest. Thank you for your support. Watch for more great Halloween party ideas coming soon!


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