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There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than to throw a great big party and invite your friends and family around. However, when it comes to planning your Halloween party there are many things you will need to organize such as the costumes, food, and most importantly the decorations. A Halloween party would simply not be complete without setting the scene and decorating your home appropriately. Here are 4 Halloween party decoration tips and ideas to get you in the mood.

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Halloween Party Decoration Tips

1. Create an atmosphere with lighting. Why not try replacing your ordinary lightbulbs with colored ones to set the mood around your home. You can purchase lightbulbs for a low price from your local craft store in all different colors such as red and green and use them in the rooms where your party will be held. You can also decorate your walls with glow in the dark stick ons to add to the spooky vibe.

2. Hire or purchase a fog machine. A fog machine is a great addition to your Halloween party decorations and both kids and adults will enjoy it. If you have a low budget you can easily hire one for the night instead of buying one, although if you plan on using it more than once they can be purchased for a relatively cheap price.

3. Create eerie shadows on your walls. A really easy and cheap way to scare your guests is by cutting out shapes of spiders and bats from black paper. You can then stick these shapes onto any torches you find around the house. Before your party begins, turn your torches on and leave them pointing at the walls.

4. To recreate the atmosphere of an old and abandoned house you can place grubby looking sheets onto all of the furniture. If you don’t mind the mess you can always sprinkle a little talc onto the sheets so that when your guests sit down a cloud of dust will greet them.

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