10 Stunning Halloween Makeup Ideas – Day of the Dead


Do you need a little inspiration for your Halloween makeup this year? Check out some of the coolest ideas we could find for adding some jaw-dropping “wows” to your costume, starting with a few that are simple enough to do at home:

Scary Doll


Day of the Dead

This one is a little more complex but anyone with a little patience and a steady hand should have no trouble pulling it off.

Black Cat Eye Makeup

You will need a little more of a steady hand and some shading skills for this one but the look is fantastic when you get it right.


Leopard Eyes

If you need something edgy and elegant to accent a sexy Halloween costume, this may just be it!


Horned Skeleton

Jumping back to a look that’s stunning but simple, two colors and some hair dye makes this one a good choice for do-it-your enthusiasts. Tip: Add some creepy Halloween contacts to complete the effect!


Halloween Grasshopper Lips

Oh so creepy and cool at the same time! Creating this look at home may appear easier than it really is. The intricate shadowing is what sets this idea apart from your average ghoulish makeup design.

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Pumpkin Face


Big Cat Animal Print

Definitely not something for beginners, this one would take several hours and an advanced skill set to complete. You could do this with cheetah, leopard, tiger, or even a zebra pattern. Not for the impatient by any stretch of the imagination but it’s impressive nonetheless!


Sugar Skull

The coolness factor of this design is off the charts! If you really want to stop the party and grab the attention of EVERYONE in the room, this is the way to go. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time placing and securing the crystals!


Half Zombie

This one is a little more traditional but still manages to stand out from the crowd. The key to making this look good is to get a good blend between your yellow and green tones.


Ready to try some of these ideas on your own? Send us your pictures and you could appear in our reader contribution gallery. Show us your Halloween makeup skills!


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